Yan Shoshitaishvili

I am an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, focused mainly on advancing the state of the art of binary analysis.

I am always looking for promising graduate students and research interns! If you are interested in awesome security research and CTF, email me.

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My research mainly focuses on advancing the field of binary analysis. However, I am passionate about a wide range of topics, including web security (specifically, how cybercriminals exploit victims and evade detection), privacy (for example, understanding what one's social media presence reveals about one's self), and computer security education (through the use of novel computer security competitions). You can view my full publication record at Google Scholar, or get PDFs here.

One of the results of my research is the creation of the binary analysis framework angr, a carefully architected system that is extensively used in academia and the industry.


I am crazy about teaching people how to hack! To this end, I created pwn.college, a novel cybersecurity education framework that I use in ASU's Computer Systems Security course.


Along with a group of amazing hackers, I founded the Order of the Overflow, a mysterious entity that hosted DEF CON CTF from 2018 through 2021!

Previously, I was the captain of team Shellphish, one of the oldest extant hacking collectives on the planet.

Cyber Grand Challenge

DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge was a competition to create a fully autonomous "Cyber Reasoning System" that would be able to autonomously participate in hacking competitions. Building off of our research at UC Santa Barbara, Shellphish was able to qualify for, and win third place in, the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge final event. I was honored to have the privilege of being the captain of this amazing team.

You can read more about our CGC effort, the media coverage around it, and our Cyber Reasoning System (which we open-sourced) here.